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Haunted Crystal Ball ring Portal premonitions astral travel

Haunted Crystal Ball ring Portal premonitions astral travel
Item# haunted-crystal-ball-ring-portal-premonitions-astral-travel
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Product Description


This gorgeous ringis brimming with energy!The ancient spells that were imbued upon it have been passed down for many generations. The ancient craft of creating a spiritual vortex is known by very few people in the World today.

This EXTREMELY POWERFUL Crystal Ball will connect you to other realms.
It was spell cast to protect you and shield you from dark entities that may wish to enter through the portal of the crystal ball ring. Only white light spirits will be allowed through the portal. Some will stay with you for years, others will be fleeting. These are unbound spirits such as Angels, Djinn, Devatas, Ilmu Khodam and positive dragons.
You will find that this ring will be your most treasured METAPHYSICAL item. You will gain amazing knowledge and magickal powers as you learn the mystical secrets of the realms beyond our own!

This Ring replaces the large and often cumbersome crystal ball that can be difficult to move from place to place! You will always have a spiritual portal at your fingertips when you purchase this ring!

The Crystal Ball ring is a rare and unique item! It has a pinkstone set in sterling silver. It is a size 8. You can wear it on a chain if this is not your ring size.

You will gain magickal powers as you connect with the higher powers of the spiritual realm!!

Don't MISS your opportunity for an item BLAZING WITH SUPERNATURAL POWERS!!!!!

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