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Haunted Direct binding 9 Egyptian Gods Powerful Occult

Haunted Direct binding 9 Egyptian Gods Powerful Occult
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You are considering a direct binding of the powers of the Dark Council of 9 Egyptian Gods.

This is a intensive8 day ritual that involves all 13 members of my coven as well as spiritual binding professional Amir Ghasmassin. A27 year Egyptian cryptologist and expert on Egyptian magick. He has studied and deciphered the mystical the language of the ancient Egyptians.

This binding is not for the meek.

You will feel the powers of the Egyptian Gods and you will see their work in your life.

You will be bound with the energies of:

Amun Ra: God of Sun and Air. One of the most powerful Gods in Egyptian history.

Anat: Goddess of Sexuality and love.

Anubis: God of the dead and spirit speaking.

Asclepius: God Of Healing.

Bastet: Goddess of Protection.

Hathor: Goddess of Happiness and Joy.

Heka- Patron god of magic and medicine, also the primordial source of power in the universe.

Horus: God of the sky. Bringer of wealth.

Isis: Most powerful Goddess of Egypt. Mother of all the Gods. 



I was gifted with the ability to sense, see and manipulate energy. I can reach within a certain object or person and touch and move energy about. When this is combined with a specific intent spell cast, the results are nothing short of miraculous! I have been perfecting this skill for most of my life. The demand for my spells is great and I only offer a few at a time as they are very physically draining for me. You will not see endless offerings of my spells, so I urge you to purchase quickly and reserve your place.

Magick cannot be forced or rushed. It mixes naturally with your personal energies to produce results.



Paypal only please. Payment due immediately. I will need your name and date of birth for spell cast.

You will not receive any item by mail. This is a direct energy spell cast.

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