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Haunted Djinn of the Ancient Emerald Tablet Spells

Haunted Djinn of the Ancient Emerald Tablet Spells
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ROYAL Djinn and Emerald Tablet Spells Ring


Vessel: Absolutely mesmerizing 925 sterling silver with sparkling white topaz and emerald stones. Please specify your size when you check out.  Each ring has a different djinn attached.
Sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10 Available

This is a magnificent offering from Master Mahindred Shamasee. Mahindred Shamasee is a 3rd generation conjurer. 

About Mahindred Shamasee:

On the banks of the river the old man sits in a trance. No one knows how long he has sat in this position. Eyes closed, legs crossed. Completely ignoring the events going on around him. At times he is in complete silence and other times he chants and hums. Everyone knows that he is at the threshold of something very important. The old man is none other than Mahindred Shamasee! Master spirit communicator and conjurer. Mahindred Shamasee walks to a different beat than most people do. All who meet this powerful man, know instantly that they have met someone special. When speaking to him, he may stop in mid conversation to meditate. He senses things that ordinary people can not. He is respectful to the spirits that communicate with him constantly, giving them his full attention when needed. His wrinkled skin tells a story of many days gone by. But his eyes shine with a presence and wisdom that I have never experienced before meeting him. You can rest assure, that any item you receive from Mahindred Shamasee is extremely powerful and rare. Each Genie that he conjures is one of a kind. Each has their own history, personality and strengths. 

A powerful Royal djinn was willingly bound to this ring which was also imbued with the sacred Emerald tablet spells for profound wealth. This combination is without limitations. 

Note: You must activate the djinn with a short ritual. The Emerald tablet spells are automatically activated when you do the djinn ritual. Instructions will be sent via email once you receive your package. 

This djinn will activate all spells as he grants all of your wishes. This is a rare and exciting one of a kind item.

The Emerald Tablet  holds profound spiritual wisdom. Molded out of a single piece of green crystal, it has survived to this day despite centuries of effort to suppress it. This beautiful emerald ring was encoded with the tablet's mysterious spell formulas that work in very specific and comprehensible steps on all levels of reality at once -- the physical, the mental, and the spiritual -- It will help you to achieve personal transformation and vast material blessings very quickly! All you have to do is wear and believe in the powers of positive attraction!

The ancients concealed their knowledge in a declaration that has become a time capsule of wisdom for future generations. These ancient writings contain spells that have been used to create the most desirable magickal talismans! The guarded Emerald tablet spells are exclusive to MOONSTAR7SPIRTS© 

The Emerald Tablet spells contain a secret formula for transforming reality! Many alchemical drawings are really schematic diagrams of the steps and operations of this Emerald Formula. The ancient alchemists used these diagrams like Eastern mandalas and meditated on them in their laboratories to achieve altered states of consciousness.

The ancient Emerald Tablet spell formula has resurfaced in what people perceive as mystical or paranormal events. For many decades, knowledge of this hidden spell pattern has been discussed only among an elite group of esoteric scholars, but now, this amazing science is available to you. For those with the courage to see beyond the illusions handed down to us by blind tradition, the Emerald Tablet's spell formula offers a way to reinstate your rightful relationship with the universe!

The laws of the Ancient Emerald tablet follow the laws of attraction. "As above, so below. As within, so without."
This means that your thoughts will manifest into reality as you wear the ring.
This ring will help to focus your intent where it needs to be. It will channel your thoughts, not allowing them to become scattered or altered so that you can manifest your desires in the physical realm.

If you have ever tried to use the law of attraction to get what you want, but haven't quite mastered it, this ring will take all of the guess work out of it for you. Simply wear it and watch your life transform!


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