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Haunted Elite Solomon Amaar wish granting Jinn Djinn

Haunted Elite Solomon Amaar wish granting Jinn Djinn
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The Gems Collection
An Elite Class of Positive Wish Granting Jinn 
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The Gems Collection:

A Moonstar7spirits© EXCLUSIVE offering.

A bit about us:  

We known as the pioneer sellers who brought authentic djinn to the internet marketplaces in 2006.

We are a coven of 13 highly gifted individuals who work to create quality magickals that will last you a lifetime.

Many have attempted to copy our style, offerings and ideas, but all have failed to our life changing, authentic magick.

We have worked with only one conjurer since the beginning of our Journey.

All Honor goes to World Renowned Conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.  A third generation conjurer and direct descendant to King Solomon.

We are pleased to Offer the Gems Collection!

Elite and Extremely Powerful 

Exalted in Might-The All Knowing Amaar Jinn

This is the class of djinn mentioned in the Quran.

These are jinn who live among and serve mankind.

 Jinn were subservient to the Prophet Solomon.

Ancient invocations, used by Solomon and known only by the great Mahindred Shamasee were used to summon forth the most powerful jinn known to exist in the World today.

According to Solomon, everyone has a Every human has a partner Jinn.

"There is none amongst you with whom is not an attached the jinn"

Your soul seeks to find your perfect match.

Perhaps one of these beautiful djinn will be the one you are waiting for.

The jewelry that the Amaar are bound to is exquisite in terms of design and quality.  Real gemstones set in solid sterling silver.

The jewelry vessels of the Amaar Jinn are different.  They dazzle and glow with a sacred energy all their own.  

If one of these pieces calls to you, please do not hesitate.  The Amaar Jinn will not beg or plead.  They quietly appeal to your senses and then allow you to decide.  Expect amazing miracles upon purchasing one of these Jinn.

Instructions will be emailed to you. 

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