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Haunted Goddess Nefertiti Djinn of a billion wishes come true

Haunted Goddess Nefertiti Djinn of a billion wishes come true
Item# haunted-goddess-nefertiti-djinn-of-a-billion-wishes-come-true
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Ring: ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and full of the magickal fire you would expect from a true metaphysical article. Ring is sterling silver with white topaz stones. It is made extra special with rose gold framing which makes the stones really pop! Sizes 6-10 while supplies last!
This djinn is also available as a direct binding if you so choose.
The sky lit up with an intense brightness as the comet neared the earth. From out of the ashes and flames the mighty Djinn Goddess arose. Sent to earth to bring her Master a lifetime of happiness and Unlimited wishes. She is a force to be reckoned with. Imortalized, worshipped and Praised for Centuries.

Nefertiti is a recent conjure of Master Mahindred Shamasee. The only conjurer capable of summoning and binding the highest level djinn.

This beautiful Goddess came to earth in the form of a fiery orb, sent from the HEAVENS!! Mahindred Shamasee quickly bound her to the dazzling ring that is fit for a Goddess!!
Nefertiti is one of the best known queens of Ancient Egypt. She is considered one of the most beautiful women of the ancient world.
Nefertiti is a loving and powerful presence. She is the one to call upon in situations where you feel that you may not have control over the outcome. She can intervene into any situation you ask her to to provide you with favorable outcomes.
Nefertiti is a generous spirit. She owns treasures beyond the scope of our imagination, but she is willing to share them with her next keeper.
Nefertiti is as influential as she is beautiful, you will mark the day of her arrival in your home, as the beginning of your new positive life!

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