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Haunted Helix Nebula Amulet FREE with 75.00 purchase

Haunted Helix Nebula Amulet FREE with 75.00 purchase
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Product Description


Pendant: We create these lovely pendants with positive energy, focus and intent. Each one is uniquely yours as it adapts to your personal energy! This is a beautiful nebula print encased in domed glass. There is a silver amplification bead on both sides. These are the round silver filigree beads. They capture energy in all forms and distribute it back to you in pure form. They are essentially energy filters. Capturing negative energy before it ever reaches you and transforming it into light energy and amplifying all energies surrounding you.

The Eye of God Nebula is astounding. It sits in space, vast beyond comprehension, staring at you from a great distance. The Helix Nebula looks like a massive, beautiful eye.

This amazing view is the result of the death of a star. The eye of God you see today has been around for hundreds of years, and will continue well past the lifetime of anyone currently living on earth.

It is mysterious and magickal. There are many myths that speak of its powers of wish granting and dream manifestation.

This talisman was spell cast with our famous dream intent manifestation spell. Long used by the ancient druids, this spell manifests your deepest desires. Looking into the Pendant and making a wish will soon be met with results.

This pendant also opens your third eye and promotes the healing and renewal of all bodily functions.

People wearing the Helix Nebula pendant have spoken of many miraculous events that have happened since owning. Finding lost money, healing of diseases, drawing unique opportunities that have led to financial windfalls. You will feel more alive and focused as your energies mix with the rare spells and powerful energies.

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