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Haunted HYDRA water Dragon FREE WITH 50.00 purchase

Haunted HYDRA water Dragon FREE WITH 50.00 purchase
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Product Description


Vessel:Hydra Dragon charm on a silver recharging chain

Moonstar7spirits has always stood for quality. All spirits are conjured by Master Mahindred Shamasee. He is a third generation conjurer and is known Worldwide for his dedication to his sacred craft and the amazing spirits he shares with those who seek to prosper. Moonstar7spirits feels that the important task of spirit binding should only be done by someone who is an expert and Mahindred Shamasee certainly is just that. He devotes most of his time and attention to communicating with spirits. He is well aware of his gift and does not take anything for granted. He is humble and wise and the pieces you get from him radiate good intent and buzz with the energy of an authentic spirit.

This is a Hydra djinn water dragon.

Hydra spirits are extremely rare and are in realms that are extremely hard to reach. They are extremely powerful blessing the lives of anyone they touch with bounties of wealth. They are extremely wise and cunning and will go to great lengths to assist their owners and to prove their loyalty and ability to draw forth the desires of your heart.

The Hydra is extremely protective of you, your family and your home. They stand guard making sure that no negativity comes near.

Be prepared for wealth to come from unexpected sources once your hydra arrives. He will build your bank roll for a long life of security.

The Hydra is a wish granting dragon spirit that is extremely easy to connect with.

Instructions and name of your Hydra will be emailed to you.

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