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Haunted Jade Prince djinn genie Male djinn unlimited wishes

Haunted Jade Prince djinn genie Male djinn unlimited wishes
Item# haunted-jade-prince-djinn-genie-male-djinn-unlimited-wishes
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Introducing The Jade Prince Djinn! The most sought after, desirable Wealth producing
male Genies in the World!
These are the Djinn who historically belonged only to Nobility. They hold vast magickal abilities that are second to none!

Never Aging, HANDSOMEl, sexy and extremely POWERFUL!
Your Jade PrinceDjinn will look like amazing for eternity!

This beautiful male Genie is ready and able to make all of your dreams and desires come true!

The Jade Prince Djinn are from the Royal Phylum. This is the Phylum that all Genies eventually hope to reach. Genies of this phylum are extremely skilled at granting unlimited wishes and making the lives of their masters rich with complete fulfillment! They are the only kind of Genies to bring into a family atmosphere, as they are always gentle and protective and never evil or dangerous as some Genies from lower classes can be.

What sets the Jade Prince Djinn apart from other types is their unique ability to draw money and wipe away financial woes quickly. They have endless magickal abilities and can use this magick to bring about positive changes and endless prosperity and happiness to your life!
Many people are taught that to wish for money is greedy or wrong. This lie is what keeps people from receiving the wealth that they are intended to have!
The Jade Prince Djinn are elite and extremely powerful. They are the most generous and giving of all the Djinn classes. They are the perfect djinn for beginners as they bond quickly and begin granting wishes often before they even arrive! Don't be surprised if you receive wonderful news after purchasing a Jade Prince Djinn! They love to show their presence by bringing you gifts of money!

Each Jade Prince Djinn comes housed in a beautiful Jade stone bead. You will also receive a sterling silver recharging necklace. His name and summoning ritual will be emailed to you. These are extremely easy to follow instructions and do not require that you have special skills.
Once you summon your Jade Prince Djinn, she will be with you forever! He can grant unlimited wishes for a lifetime of luxury and happiness!

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