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Extreme Power! You can also add a personal djinn to this ring if you wish!

Haunted King Solomon Ring of Arcane Magick
Haunted King Solomon Ring of Arcane Magick
Item# haunted-king-solomon-ring-of-arcane-magick
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Product Description

Solomon's Ring of ARCANE magick


Vessel: Simple Sterlingring of polished sterling silver. Size 8.


Necromancy: Involves the evocationof spirits of deceased individuals for the purpose of divination. This ring enables you to call upon those who have passed and provides you protection while doing so.

Divination:the art or practice thatforesees or foretells future events or hidden knowledge by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. This ring is a powerful divination tool. Simply meditate with it to gain vast wisdom and prophecies.

Transmutation: The action of changing or being changed into another form. With the use of this ring, you will master the powers of transmutation. Changing matter or transmuting energies at will.

Evocation:The action of invoking a spirit or deity. With this ring, you will have the power to call upon any spirit. All spirits bow to the wearer of this powerful article.

Abjuration:Providesprotective spells. This ring providesphysical or magical barriers, negatesmagical or physical abilities that are sent to harm you and can even banish the subject of the spell to another plane of existence.

Illusion: The ability to make someone see or believe something that is not actually there. Use this ring to create smoke screens against your enemies. They see what you want them to see only!

Conjuration: To summon and bind spirits. You can use this ring to summon and bind the spirits of your choice to physical items. These items can not be offered to others, they are for your use only.

Enchantment:Used with yourintent to cast a spell on an object or a person.

This is a spectacular offering from Moonstar7spriits.

The magick of this powerful ring enables the wearer to will all things into existence and will take the place of dozens of magickals. No bonding time required. Just raw and powerful magick at your fingertips.

The ring is a direct link to the power of celestial or magical correspondences.

Thus it allows the ability to invoke the desired forces through thought processes.

The ring, can perform miracles all by itself or empower the holder to be able to perform specific tasks.

This ring "learns" and gains power the more it is worn and can become of great value to the keeper as it gains power on a daily basis.

When you get the ring you will establish a a firm and lasting contact with rare and powerful Angels, each will reveal a secret to you which will benefit you greatly. These secrets must never be revealed to anyone, it is a magical contract between you and your Teaching Angels which will benefit you forever.

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