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Haunted Lycan Djinn Genie God of Unlimited wishes protection

Haunted Lycan Djinn Genie God of Unlimited wishes protection
Item# haunted-lycan-djinn-genie-god-of-unlimited-wishes-protection
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Go forth ye teller of tales

Seize anything thou heart desires

Fear Not

Everything is Possible

The Earth be only dust under thy feet


Moonstar7spirits is pleased to bring this Powerful Class of Djinn to you.

The Lycan Djinn God is an Unlimited wish granting spirit. You will never have to voice yourneeds as this hyper sensitive and intelligent entity already knows the desires of your heart and works tirelessly to grant all wishes.

The Lycan Djinn acts as a guide, leading you to fresh opportunities and money.

He is never a harm to humans, but is swift to lend justice if you are threatened.

The Lycan djinn is known as the spirit with a big heart. He will work through you to help those who are unfortunate. By blessing others he knows that you will receive back ten times what you give to the Universe.

Look forward to a rich, happy, healthy and satisfying life with this rare spirit by your side.

His vessel is beautiful as shown. It is stainless steel and beautifully designed.

Your Lycan Djinn God is unique in his own right. His name and instructions will be emailed to you.






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