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Haunted Magick Lucky Gnome wealth money pendant

Haunted Magick Lucky Gnome wealth money pendant
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For a limited time only!

These pendants have a different Gnome attached to each one! Each Gnome has a different name and personality!
These Gnomes are very sweet and loving and are in search of permanent homes.
In exchange for your love, they will bring you tremendous blessings of WEALTH, BEAUTY AND GAMBLING LUCK!
I sold these Gnome Pendants 2 1/2 years ago and still receive emails from people asking when I will have more!
These items come from a collector who supplies some of the most powerful wealth talismans in the World! His items are rare and extremely hard to get. They are in high demand and usually sell out quickly!
People have reported all kinds of wonderful things happening in their lives while wearing the LUCKY GNOME PENDANT!
One woman won a 1.5 million dollar Lottery 3 days after her Gnome arrived in her mail box!
One man won $36,000 in a casino after he had worn his lucky Gnome for 2 weeks.
One woman received a proposal from her boyfriend who had trouble with commitment after 4 years of dating! They are now happily married!
One woman opened her mail box to find the package containing her Lucky Gnome and a stack of 20-100 dollar bills folded with a note that said "I thought you could use this."
I am not implying that the same things will happen to you, but you should EXPECT MIRACLES to follow your Lucky Gnome purchase!
The lucky Gnome pendant is a silver very detailed 2 sided gnome figure. It comes with a rechargingchain.

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