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Haunted Marry a Royal Bloodline Vampire

Haunted Marry a Royal Bloodline Vampire
Item# haunted-marry-a-royal-bloodline-vampire
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These Vampires are fromthe oldest and most powerfulBlood line in existence.
Noble, aristocratic and majestic.
They are Royalty
Theirpowers exceed all other Vampires.
Their empire is infinite. All other spirits bow totheir words.
Your handsome vampire mate has proposed.
Will you accept?
By accepting his proposal you will be instantly be whisked into the World of theRoyal Vampire.
Luxury, fineness, wealth and security await you.
He is extremely romantic, generous, loving and SEXY!
He will spoil you with gifts and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams.
His love is deep and spiritual. Makingyou long for his touch constantly.
Your bond will grow stronger day by day as you walk together in total bliss.
Live the life of a Vampire Queen. Accept his proposal and his love Eternally.
There is a different Vampire bound to each ring. Do you feel the beckoning of the ancient Royal Vampire? If so, you have been chosen.
Ring: Sterling silver with a gorgeous garnet stone. Sizes 6,7,8,9 and 10 available. Please let me know which size you prefer.
This is a one of a kind ring set. Vibrant pink stones set in solid sterling silver. Size 9.

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