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Haunted Neb Djinn Genie of unlimited wishes come true

Haunted Neb Djinn Genie of unlimited wishes come true
Item# haunted-neb-djinn-genie-of-unlimited-wishes-come-true
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Neb Djinn

These beings have abilities far beyond most other Djinn.

Not only can this Djinn grant all of your wishes this spirit possesses many talents that are beyond our imagination.

This race has the ability to exist in many places at the same time, they straddle the worlds. They see what is coming and quickly make adjustments so that things work in your favor. This also allows them to bond with you spirit, soul, and body. Through this you recieve fortune, health and unlimited wishes... Once you bond with one of these Djinn they can be with you in many lifetimes and throughout eternity.

These Djinn have the ability to take you to whole new levels. They can increase your psychic abilities, including precognition and telepathy. Even charka alignment and kundalini release will be possible. If that is not enough, these Djinn can alter time, help you recall past lives, break curses, cleanse negativity from your aura, cleanse karma...

You may find that you start to have more magickal power and perform unexplainable things on your own... You will learn how to focus your energy to accomplish what you want.
The Neb Djinn has power's over all the elements ... earth, wind, fire, and water. Earth is North, Wind is East, South is Fire and West is Water... They can control them so it is possible to have storms, bring rain, calm winds, manipulate fire, and more.


Perhaps the best feature of the Neb Djinn is that they have the ability to double the power that your need. seek out other spirits and beings that have this ability and duplicate it, adding it to their own list of†abilities.

Most of the Neb's are light in nature they can be asked for justice or retribution wishes when the need arises. They donít do revenge wishes but justice usually is enough to repay any offense.. They would rather focus on bringing happiness and love into your life. They do believe in a higher power ; but are not converted to a specific religion.

The Neb djinn is housed in this gorgeous, ornate sterling ring with vibrant emerald green stone.

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