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Haunted Nocturnal Djinn Treasures of the Night

Haunted Nocturnal Djinn Treasures of the Night
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Treasures of the Night Djinn

Night, a time of Mystery and Magick
Treasures of the Night Djinn

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I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. Vincent Van Gogh.


Vessel: Beautiful and very sparkly bead of blue and black which reminds me of a clearnight sky. This bead comes with a recharging chain.

Bound willingly to this beadis a nocturnal djinn spirit called "Thesauris Nocte" which means treasures of the night.

These are purely positive djinn that are found near the angelic realms. They are most active at night when you are less guarded and more open to accept assistance. They protect you against negative spirits and take you on astral adventures that will nurture and strengthen your psychic abilities.


The Thesauris Nocte are unlimited wish granting djinn. They bring your desires to full manifestation quickly.

They are loyal, trustworthy and always have your best interest at heart.

The ring you are viewing is host to a female spirit. Her name and summoning instructions will be given to his next keeper.

She is eager to please and will fulfill all of your wishes with wisdom and care.




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