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This powerful djinn turns your spoken and unspoken requests into spirit language that can be understood immediately and manifested.

Haunted pendant Ababa Jahnoy tribe of Judas King djinn
Haunted pendant Ababa Jahnoy tribe of Judas King djinn
Item# haunted-pendant-ababa-jahnoy-tribe-of-judas-king-djinn
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This is a very rare and powerful item.

Gematria, is the language of the Ababa Janhoy.

Thisrareitem is from the Sorcerer's sect of the Illuminati Brotherhood of fire.

The most influential and secretive occult in the World.

Gematria isa numerologicalsystem by whichletters or wordscorrespond to numbers. This is the universal language of the most powerful spirits in existence the Ababa Janhoy or Emperor djinn.

In essence this ringdecodes your words and convertsthem into the secret language. Your words will unleash the most powerfuldjinn king known to exist.

Strange numerical codes werefound in Egyptian tombs. These codes were a mystery until they were recently decoded into words and found to be ancient spirit invocations. When some of the mysterious words were spoken, immediately a tremendous roar of thunder shook the surrounding areas. Unsure of what the complete invocation would bring, the person speaking the words halted until further research can be done and full interpretation of the words can be obtained.

Do not fear. Thisdjinn will bring you tremendous miracles and powers beyond your wildest dreams. Your words will make you a master sorcerer immediately. No harm can come to you by using this article as long as you speak positive commands.


There are no limitations as to what you can accomplish with this pendant.

PENDANT: Detailed owl with skull in the center. This is symbolic of ancient wisdom.

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