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Haunted Protective Gargoyle spirit

Haunted Protective Gargoyle spirit
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Are you constantly bothered by negative people that bring you down?
Negative situations that seem to happen too frequently?
Negative thoughts that leave you feeling depressed?
Negative problems that seem to have no resolution?
Constantly tired, worn down and sick?
Someone sending negative energy, curses or hexes your way?
If you had a special lens that would allow you to see negativity in it's spiritual form, you would see it as a dark cloud of turmoil. This dark cloud permiates your aura and prevents you from receiving positive blessings.
Negativity makes you feel tired and depressed. Over time this can lead to illnesses. 
You can pick up negative energy just going out in a public place. People who have been in disputes with their spouse or who are mad at someone can pass this energy on to you. You can carry this negative energy for months!
To rid yourself of this toxic negativity
You need something STRONG AND EFFECTIVE!
The protectiveGargoyle is just the perfect thing! 
He removes negativity before it ever reaches you. He quickly snares and traps all negativity that comes your way in his little blue orb and transforms it into a positive energy boost for you! He surrounds you with a layer of protection that cannot be pentrated. 
There is not another product like this anywhere!
Negative thoughts against you....Zapped!
Negative people around you....Stopped!
Negative situations....Erased!
Worries and problems.....Fade!
The Negativity Zapping Gargoyle pendant is very nice quality. Made of pewter and comes with a black cord.

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