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Haunted REPEL energy Vampires Pendant and earring set

Haunted REPEL energy Vampires Pendant and earring set
Item# haunted-repel-energy-vampires-pendant-and-earring-set
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925 sterling silver and mystic topaz. Earrings are stud style. The pendant comes with a recharging chain.

Triple cast with our "Repel Energy Vampires" Spell and our super protection spell to rid you and keep you free of hexes, curses and negative energies.

What is an energy Vampire? An Energy Vampire is someone who does not care about anyone but themselves. At first glance, energy vampires can seem highly attractive. They often are good-looking, bold, flamboyant and intelligent. However, when you are around this person you feel like you have had the life sucked out of you! You may feel exhausted, irritated, stressed, anxious, threatened, overwhelmed or depressed in the company of this person. This leaves you having less than a productive day if you are forced to be near them.

This spell will dispel all negativity and send it back to the Energy Vampire who will hopefully realize and correct their self serving ways after experiencing the boomerang effect. We have used this spell for many years and people love how they feel when wearing this spell.

Constantly being around an Energy Vampire can lead to stress related illness or fatigue. Don't allow this energy to affect you.

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