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Haunted pendant Powerful DIAMOND DJINN genie of unlimited wishes

Haunted pendant Powerful DIAMOND DJINN genie of unlimited wishes
Item# haunted-ring-powerful-diamond-djinn-genie-of-unlimited-wishes
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Product Description


Diamond Djinn of Pure Power
This Djinnhas the amazing power to transform all negativity into POSITIVE!
The Diamond Djinn are in a class all their own. They are all females with breathtaking features and are warm and loving spirits.
Diamonds are stones of exceptional power and miraculous abilities. It isa king of gems, the strongest and most precious stone. Ancient Greeks named it "adamas", meaning invincible, indestructible.
Cast your worries, stress and cares into the never ending positive abyss of the DIAMOND DJINN Negative energy is changed and transformed and returned to you in the form of positive energy.

They canturn all negative life events into glowing positive outcomes!
Theycan turn illness into vibrant health.
Theycan turn the unsightly into the drop dead BEAUTIFUL!
Theycan turn negative cash flow into MILLIONS!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a DIAMOND DJINN!
I only have a few available!

These are the most gracious and GENEROUS DJINNof all classes. They are warm and loving and will meet your every need and desire very quickly.

You do not have to have advanced abilities to connect with these Djinn. They are eager to make a connection and bond with you quickly.

These Djinn love to manifest in the physical realm often. You will see them as a dazzling, sparkling orb!

The ringthat the Diamond Djinnis bound to is of dazzling beauty, please view the energy filled pictures!
All Sizes available while supplies last. Please specify your size when you check out.


Instructions and name will be sent to you via email.

Law requirement states that readings, spells, and paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot take any responsibility for any activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. You must be 18 years of age to bid on this item!!

Paypal or money order only. Payment due within 5 days of auction end.

I will ship your item promptly upon receipt of payment.

Insurance is included in shipping charge.

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