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Haunted Ring Romantic Djinn of Love Loyalty and Relationships

Haunted Ring Romantic Djinn of Love Loyalty and Relationships
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Are you ready to be swept off your feet?
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Get ready for the Romantic djinn of True and powerful love

This djinn will surround you with love and light as he engulfs you in his powerful blessings.

He is a high level djinn from a realm known as EROS. These are the djinn of romantic feelings and never ending love.

If you have been lonely

Stuck in a rut

Finding the wrong kind of relationships


He will emphasize your love drawing energies to attract your perfect mate....quickly!

No more dead ends

No more disappointments

This powerful djinn will uplift your mood, beautify you from head to toe and help you to say and do all the right things.

He is also an unlimited wish granting djinn which means that he will also provide you with all of the luxury and wealth you dream of.

This djinn was bound willingly by master conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.
The ring that these djinn are attached to is captivating in terms of design and quality. 925 solid sterling silver with a beautiful mystic topaz center stone surrounded by clear crystals. I have all sizes available at this time. Each ring has a different djinn from this realm attached. Please send me your ring size when you check out.

Instructions/name of this djinn will be emailed to you.

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