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Haunted Ring The Belt of Orion TAKE BACK YOUR POWER

Haunted Ring The Belt of Orion TAKE BACK YOUR POWER
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Ring: delicate ring of 925 sterling silver. The band is a chain with a center disk of polished hammered silver. Absolutely stunning and so comfortable to wear!


This ring comes in all sizes while supplies last.


There is a correlation between the location of the three largestpyramidof theGiza pyramid complex and Orion's belt. That this correlation was intended as such by the builders of the pyramids. The stars of Orion were associated withOsiris, the god of rebirth and afterlife, by theAncient Egyptians. Orion holds tremendous supernatural powers that will be realized by the wearer of this ring.


This ring is a direct link to the Orion belt. In addition, we have triple cast this ring with our famous spells for strength, bravery, endurance and protection.


Orion a beautiful constellation of stars is visible all over the World. Named for the great God of hunting.

If you are tired of handing your power over to others who are undeserving and ungrateful, it is time to take charge.

Allow these spells to align with your energies and bring out the powerful warrior in you!

No more standing in the shadows while everyone around you prospers.

No longer working hard so everyone else can reap the benefits of your toil.

No more saying yes to tasks that are degrading and not to your benefit.



Rise above and take back your power.

Feel Upbeat, positive and motivated to do things for yourself.

Feel safe and protected from negative energy cast toward you from others.

Stand in the light of Orion as you are transformed.


Please do not delay. Only a few of these rings are available.

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