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Haunted Scorpion King Powerful Egyptian Djinn FREE WITH 100.00 PURCHAS

Haunted Scorpion King Powerful Egyptian Djinn FREE WITH 100.00 PURCHAS
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Welcome to Moonstar7spirits! Top seller and trusted source for Metaphysical items since 2006.

Vessel: Tigers eye bead with a sterling silver recharging chain in your choice of length. The scorpion King djinn are all powerful Males, each with different names, appearances and personalities.If your life is not what you want it to be, it is time for a powerful djinn that can make it happen!

Introducing a POWERFUL class of DJINN ENTITIES.


The ancient Egyptians revered the Scorpion Spirit as a potent guardian for souls moving from one world to the next. Priests usedimages of Scorpions on ritual mummification tools to safeguard the transforming spirit within.

The Scorpion Kings assist in ridding you of proverbial poison. Anything negative that may currently be holding you back. This includes negative relationships and habits. You will find this djinn very helpful in helping you to make a clean break as well as a new awakening and transformation.


These are spiritual warriors with the magickal abilities of a master sorcerer and wish granting abilities of a top level djinn!


They have come forth willingly to assist humans. They have chosen to be bound.

Your life will transform immediately as you bring this powerful djinn into your home.


Vessel: Tigers Eye bead with chain.





Anything your heart desires will come to you quickly with the help of this amazing djinn!

These djinn are aggressive wish grantors and fierce protectors.



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