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Haunted Sexy Female djinn of the Crimson Ray

Haunted Sexy Female djinn of the Crimson Ray
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Genie of the Crimson Ray
These are the Genies of Excitement. If your life is boring and predictable, it is time for some fun!
These Genies radiate with a energy of change and new experiences.
These Genies come from a realm near the angelic realms. They are loving and kind but can be seductive at times, providing you with out of body experiences that you will never forget!
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The djinn of the crimson ray are never aging and beautiful forever. They have long silky hair, smooth skin and PERFECT 10 bodies.
These djinn are eager to please! They grant all wishes quickly and without a long bonding process. Once you do the short ritual, your Genie is at your side. Anything you ask will be given. Her wishes never run out, she will be your forever servant and friend.
Moonstar7spirits is known Worldwide for top level spirits. We are a trusted name with years of experience. You can rest assure that you are getting the BEST when you buy from us.
We work with only one conjurer. Mahindred Shamasee. He is the only conjurer capable of binding top level spirits that have only your best interest at heart.

This beautiful djinn is ready to be loved and respected by a Master. She was bound willingly to this beautiful SPARKLING RED PENDANT. She is in our realm for a reason. She is here to help. You are not here by accident.

You will never regret the purchase of an Authentic Djinn. They can make even the most bleak situations turn around quickly. People that own a Djinn say that there is nothing quite like the human/djinn relationship. They remove blocks, bring vast wealth and turn your life into something you have only dreamed of until now!
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Will YOU be the next lucky master of of this Genie? She awaits your every desire and command. She can be easily summoned and she is not shy or evasive. The powerful invocation spell has already conjured this gorgeous Genie, you will hold the power to activate the spell that will awaken her to a lifetime of loyal servitude FOR YOU!

The PENDANT that houses this one of a kind Female Genie buzzes with her electrical energy! It is a beautiful vibrant red as this is the color of excitement!

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