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Haunted Song of the Seraphim Angels ring of miracles

Haunted Song of the Seraphim Angels ring of miracles
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Product Description

The Song of the Seraphim

This beautifulring is called Song of the Seraphim.
Ring: 925 sterling silver in the image of an Angel
Sizes 6,7,8,9 and 10 available. Please let me know what size you prefer.

TheSeraphimare the first order ofAngels. The nameSeraphim means "the burning ones." It is said that the chariot of theSeraphim burns like white heat in a flame. Theyhave six wings; two covering their faces, two covering their feet and two with which they fly.

Powers & Abilities

Being the mighiest angels in all creation, Seraphim are the strongest, highest of the angels. Michael, Gabriel, Castiel, Metatron, and Raguelthe highest and mightiest angels in Heaven, are said to be among their order. Unlike normal angels,Seraphim are independent when cut off from Heaven and retain all of their powers, even on Earth or even if they travel to Hell.

Immortality: As the highest class of Angels, the Seraphim are immortal and do not age or get sick and cannot be killed.

Healing: Having a Seraphim article such as this one greatly boosts the immune system and regenerates the abilities of their hosts and heals them either instantaneously or over a period of time.

Omnipotence: As the highest of Angels, Seraphim have anunlimited level of supernatural powers that makes them the most powerful beings in all of existence, next to God himself. Their power allows them to do anything they wish and to help you with anything you need.

Time: Seraphim have the power to control time and travel through time, past or future.

White Light: Seraphim emit and release a powerful, overwhelming white lite that can destroy negativity.

Strength: Seraphim are the physically strongest celestial beings in all of creation. They can overpower all other creatures.

Manifestation: Seraphim can create things out of thin air.

Command: Seraphim can command all other Angels and creatures.

Telepathy: Seraphim can read minds of humans and all other creatures.

Teleportation: Seraphim can go anywhere they choose at the blink of an eye.

Weather: They can control the Weather.

Omniscience: They Possess a supreme level of awareness and knowledge of all things that happen.

Law requirement states that readings, spells, and paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot take any responsibility for any activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. You must be 18 years of age to bid on this item!!

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