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Haunted unlimited wish granting Nocturnal Djinn Genie

Haunted unlimited wish granting Nocturnal Djinn Genie
Item# haunted-unlimited-wish-granting-nocturnal-djinn-genie
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Treasures of the Night Djinn"Thesauris Nocte"

Night, a time of Mystery and Magick
Treasures of the Night Djinn

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day". Vincent Van Gogh.


Ring Vessel: Beautiful stainless steel polished gray gunmetal ring with a mesmerizing amethyst stone. The design of this ring is so lovely. Please let me know your size when you check out . These djinn are first come first serve. I will send ring in your size or as close as possible so order early to ensure your size.

Bound willingly to this ring is a nocturnal djinn spirit called "Thesauris Nocte" which means treasures of the night.

These are purely positive djinn that are found near the angelic realms. They are most active at night when you are less guarded and more open to accept assistance. They protect you against negative spirits and take you on astral adventures that will nurture and strengthen your psychic abilities. These are the most generous djinn you can obtain. They spoil you with the fine things in life and bring mysterious blessings.

The Thesauris Nocte djinn do not require extensive bonding time. They only require your respect and the ability to assist you.

I have take the photos on the listing in low light to show the rare glowing phenomenon of these vessels. These rings glow from within due to the intense energy of these positive djinn.

Rare and Powerful. You will never regret this purchase!


The Thesauris Nocte are unlimited wish granting djinn. They bring your desires to full manifestation quickly.

They are loyal, trustworthy and always have your best interest at heart.



Please do not delay. These djinn do not last long.





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