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Haunted Wishing Locket Egyptian Pharaoh Seti

Haunted Wishing Locket Egyptian Pharaoh Seti
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Egyptian Pharaoh Seti wishing vessel


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Pharaoh Seti the most rich and powerful of all time.

Summoned forth using an ancient spell found in his tomb.

Deciphered and activated through a series of magickal rituals lasting over a decade and performed during appropriate moon phases.

His spirit is very much ALIVE.

He was sent by the Gods to bring divine answers and to grant your most difficult wishes.

Bound to the talisman you see pictured.

A vessel of enormous strength and supernatural, magickal powers.

When Pharaoh Seti speaks, all spirits listen.

When you own this talisman all spirits will fall on bended knee and yield to your will.

Place your desire inside the chamber of the talisman where it will be manifested within a short time by the most successful Pharaoh of all time.

His earthly works will prepare him and grace him with tremendous powers in the after life.

He is eager to prove his worth through you.

You will feel his pulsating energies when you touch this talisman.

You will see manifestations and have out of body experiences.

Your dreams will quickly become reality as you align with the Pharaoh Seti!




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