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Herkimer diamond and recharging pouch

Herkimer diamond and recharging pouch
Item# herkimer-diamond-and-recharging-pouch
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Product Description

These are genuine herkimer diamonds!

They are spell cast to amplify your magickals, spirits and spells, They recharge your items and help you to make a stronger connection!

You will recieve 1 herkimer diamond crystal and 1 hand made (by me!) velvet pouch.

Place your magickal jewelry inside the bag along with the crystal, leave for 24 hours...

When you take it out, it will be BUZZING WITH POWER!

Spirits consider this an offering, so they in turn will reward you again and again!

Cleanses, recharges and removes all negativity from your items.

Your spell cast items will be even stronger than they were originally!

You will benefit from your items more than ever before!

This beautiful item is self charging. It has a renewable energy that will never diminish!

Buy more than one for extra power!

About Add ons: Personal seal is where I use your name and date of birth to align the herkimer diamond with your own personal energies. This makes for instant bonding with your magickal.


Add an extra Herkimer to your pouch for added power!