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JACKIE O spell cast perfume potion charm class old money

JACKIE O spell cast perfume potion charm class old money
Item# jackie-o-spell-cast-perfume-potion-charm-class-old-money
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Product Description

This intoxicating potion was developed by the professionals of Moonstar7spirits. It has been years in the making and there is not another product like it in the World. You will receive the gorgeous crystal bottle with pink lid and 2 refill vials of potion. Pink was Jackie O's favorite color and thus we felt that only a bottle displaying her iconic color would do!

The seductive magick takes place when the potion is added to the perfume bottle and worn on your skin. A powerful symbosis will occur as your energy mixes with the spells, creating a wild aprodisiac that will leave everyone around you in awe!

This potion was imbued with our rare CRYSTAL PALACE Jackie O spells during appropriate moons phases. These are spells to draw forth LUXURY in all forms. If you like the finer things in life, this potion is for you!

You will exude CLASS when you wear this special potion. It has an alluring "Jackie O" energy that will make you feel like and look like a princess.

All eyes will be upon you as you walk into the room. Your aura will radiate charm, class and OLD MONEY..... SUPER POWERFUL!

You will soon be whisked into a life of luxury as the energy of this potion attracts wealth, prestige and people who can make this happen for you quickly.