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LEOPARD djinn God Bracelet All wishes granted

LEOPARD djinn God Bracelet All wishes granted
Item# leopard-djinn-god-bracelet-all-wishes-granted
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The Leopard Djinn are from the class "Pardus varietates deos".

They are ancient and powerful spirits

Worshiped by many civilizations throughout history.

The leopard print is recognized as an Illuminati symbol and is worn by celebrities and the elite to signify their status in the sect.

This djinn will transform your very existence quickly.

You will be able to do many tasks at the same time effectively, as your mind will be quicker and sharper than ever before.

Your psychic abilities will be increase 1000 times.

You will hear and be able to communicate with spirits from other distant realms.

You will be able to read the true intent of others effectively.

You will instinctively realizeyour chosen path which will reward you with tremendous wealth and respect.

This djinn is generous, loyal and powerful. Your wishes will be granted quickly and completely.

Your aura will reflect confidence, wisdom and authority. Others will be attracted to this inviting energy and follow your words and actions.


The leopard djinn are bound willingly and expertly by top conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.


The bracelet vessel is made of genuine round, polished tigers eye stones and a golden Leopard head. This is a stretchy bracelet that will fit most wrist sizes.





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