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Leopard spirit guide pearl crystal earrings

Leopard spirit guide pearl crystal earrings
Item# leopard-spirit-guide-pearl-crystal-earrings
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Product Description

Stud earrings crystal leopards with green eyes and a pearl dangling from the mouth. Powerful statement earrings with alluring spells.

Available in silver or gold.

These earrings have been cast with the rare Leopard Spirit Guide spells.

The leopard is the queen of the night. Expect these earrings to be even more powerful as the sun sets. Your magick will be illuminated by the night sky. Your intuition will sky rocket and you will be gifted with insight from beyond. Expect your hidden talents to emerge as the leopards energies activate dormant gifts.

You will feel protected against all dangers, spiritual or physical as the leopard keeps a watchful eye over you.

If you are hunting for a mate, or simply wish to make your current relationship stronger, the leopard is a spirit of the heart. She brings excitement, lust, love and desire to life effortlessly.

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