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Live the life of a Goddess Pendant + 7 Ancient Spells

Live the life of a Goddess Pendant + 7 Ancient Spells
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Live The Enchanted Life Of A Goddess

Pendant: Beautiful Crescent Moon with a turquoise stone. This pendant comes with arecharging chain.
It is my honor to present you a powerful and extremely magnetic article.
This pendant gives you the unique power to captivate and entrance those you come in contact with.
This gorgeous pendant was bound with sacred energies of6 Ancient Goddesses.
Hera(Goddess of relationships) , Aphrodite (Goddess of love), Bastet (Goddess of Protection), Eleos (Goddess of Kindness and Compassion), Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and Theia (Goddess of Positive Light)
You will inherit their gifts the moment you touch the pendant and will quickly be thrust into a Supernatural portal of supreme powers.
Some of the benefits of this pendant:
Draw forth someone whom you wish to make contact with, but due to the circumstance they may be out of reach.
The power to erase the mind of someone regarding a bad memory of you or anything that serves against your highest good.
The power to put a thought into someone's mind allowing them to think about you in a favorable way.
Powers to remove all spiritual and physical road blocks and stumbling stones that keep you from getting what you want.
Beauty of unfathomable greatness. You will mesmerize everyone that comes in contact with you.
Karmic Justice will come to those who may have harmed you in the past or with intent to harm you in the future.
The ability to capture the attention of your lover in all ways so that they never wish to stray or even look in another's direction.
The 7 spells that are on this pendant are:
1. Oculi dea which means Eyes of a Goddess. This spell has 2 aspects to it. The first is one of vanity, making your eyes radiate with a hypnotizing draw. The second part of this spell is having eyes like a Goddess. All knowing and wise.
2.Verba persuasionis which means words of persuasion. This spell makes all of your words come out with power, influencing others to want to do your will.
3. Odorem dea which means scent of a Goddess. You will put off an alluring scent that will make you fascinating and completely unforgettable. People rely on scent much more than you realize. When you have the scent of a Goddess you are portrayed as elite.
4.Omnes enim, quam cupio which means All that I desire. You will quickly be given the desires of your heart through all ways.
5.Futurum candida which means bright future. Protection, good health and positive energies will follow your days on earth.
6. Amor Dea which means love of a Goddess. You will be loved, cherished and favored by all. In turn you will love deeper and experience happiness on all levels of human companionship.
7. Opes Dea which means wealth of a Goddess. Goddesses have all of the riches and finery that exists. You too will know the meaning of having all.
We have been offering our magickals since 2006. We are among the most trusted sellers of authentic wares.

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