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Item# magick-baby-dragon-pendant-personally-chosen-for-you
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Product Description


The perfect Baby Dragon companion will be matched to you!

Choose either a male or female and up to 10 characteristics that you would like your dragon to have!

We will match your perfect dragon to your energies for a wonderful unique and powerful bond like no other!

If you prefer to have the dragon choose you, please let me know!

Moonstar7spirits has offered Baby Dragons for years. People are always extremely pleased with them and the abundant blessings they bring!

Custom conjured Baby Dragons are a little more special as they resonate perfectly with your energies. They are here willingly and are ready to be adopted. They are eager to learn from a human guardian and will reward you by taking them into your home by bringing you tremendous blessings in all areas of your life.

Baby Dragons are highly coveted for bringing EXTREME GOOD LUCK AND PROSPERITY!

These little creatures have very potent magickal powers, with many of the same qualities of adult Dragons.

The Ouroboros are Dragons of New Beginnings! If you have had hardship or negativity in your life, these are the Dragons for you! They are the Dragons of eternity and natural order. Bringing all things into perfect balance and harmony.

The Magickal abilities of the Ouroboros Dragon is vast and matched by no other Breed of Dragon. They have sharp senses and use them to detect negativity and banish it before it ever reaches you. The Ouroboros Dragons are very beautiful. They have very expressive faces with large eyes. Their scales vary in color and often change according to their moods or surroundings. This Dragon is very eager to grant unlimited wishes whether material or spiritual.

Ouroboros Dragons are very gentle, caring and wise. They make lovely companions for you and your family! One of their main goals is to belong to someone. This sense of belonging brings out a tender, generous side to these Dragons that manifests in rare gifts and prosperity for you! Ouroboros Dragons are extremely loyal and protective of their guardians. You will have a forever friend and constant security with this spectacular creature!

Ouroboros Dragons remain by your side for all eternity. That is what makes the them so desirable. They are always loving and kind as it is not in an Ouroboros character to give anything but unconditional love to their guardians.

The Baby dragon pendant is done in lovely detailed silver pewter. Your dragon will have his or her own individual appearance, personality and name. The eye colors differ, so you may get one with a different eye color than the one you see pictured.

With this purchase you will receive your baby dragon pendant, recharging bag and a cord for wearing.

This is the perfect gift for any age!

Instructions will be emailed to you.