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Magick Lotus Charm Life renewal and regeneration START NEW

Magick Lotus Charm Life renewal and regeneration START NEW
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The Lotus symbolizes journey and advancement of the soul. It has been a part of almost every culture throughout history.

The Lotus is a symbol of creation and unbreakable relationships taken from the concept of the flexible stalk of the flower.

The Lotus is the ultimate symbol of purity. Despite it's seed being deposited in stagnant water, the beautiful Lotus stands tall and proud above the murk.

The Lotus symbolizes Life ever renewed and revitalized when it peeks out of the muddy waters every morning.

This is a RARE spell cast LOTUS talisman! It will bring forth the powers that exist in you to help you advance in all life situations. No matter what circumstances you have endured in the past, this beautiful talisman has the ability to help you rise above the murk of the World and reign victorious!
The magick Lotus has been carefully cast with spells that work and LAST FOREVER! These are the best spells that money can buy! Tested for accuracy and real lasting results, you can rest assure that your effects will be felt as soon as you start wearing the pendant!

What will the magick LOTUS DO FOR YOU?

Brings all negativity in your life to a SCREECHING HALT!

Gives you strength to rise above your current situation.


Provides protection when you need it most.

Renews your spirit and gives you a fresh new outlook.

If you have had struggle, dispair, and trouble in your life over the past few years, the Magick Lotus can free you!

The lotus charms are beautiful.They are a high quality 2 sided charmwith a pearl inside You can wear it as a pendant or on your bracelet or necklace. Chain or braceletnotincluded in this purchase.

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