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Magickal eye of Shiva Earrings wealth ESP

Magickal eye of Shiva Earrings wealth ESP
Item# magickal-eye-of-shiva-earrings-wealth-esp
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Earrings: Breathtaking orange faux fire opals set in sterling silver. Made with love exclusively by Moonstar7spirits. Shiva is known as the supreme God and keeper of secret occult knowledge and powers.

Shiva formed the third eye to restore order. Fire emerged from his third eye to bring light. The fierce light from his third eye is so powerful and destructive that henceforth he only opens it to destroy all that is dark, and dualistic. Shiva’s third eye opens to end ALL ILLUSION AND DECEPTION!

Shiva is known as the benevolent god: He removes negativity as he enhances your psychic intuition 1,000, 000 times!

You will gain extreme POWER from these earrings! Wealth, riches and amazing prosperity will flow freely as your energy mixes with the divine powers of SHIVA!

The mystic God Shiva is a FORCE to be acknowledged by all.