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Magickal spell cast oils 10 different kinds (choose one)

Magickal spell cast oils 10 different kinds (choose one)
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Our Magickal oils are fragrant and powerful.

We are guided by spirits and Angelic guides as we create our oils.

We cast during appropriate moon phases and use recipes that have been handed down for generations.



Made with the purest ingredients and spell cast with the most effective spells known to exist.

Magickal Oils have been used for centuries.

Their uses are unlimited.

Each vial contains enough oil for many, many uses.

Vials are 1/4 oz with a dropper. You will receive 1 oil of your choice. Please read the descriptions and choose the oil or oils that is best for your situation..


Choose from a wide variety!

1. Earth Elemental Oil: Anoint your self, jewelry or candles while focusing on your intent.

2. New Moon Oil: Perfect for new beginnings. A new home, a new job or a new love. Banishes stale energies and brings renewed spirit.

3. Full Moon Oil: Used to charge spiritual jewelry, empowering yourself, invoking spirits, Accomplishing goals.

4. Hecate Oil: Banishing an enemy, uncrossing energies, reversing a hex or curse.

5. Dragon's Blood Oil: For protection, Attraction of money, bodily strength. Great for men (penis growth).

6. Wealth Oil: To attract large sums of money. Great for gambling or to wear to casino. Also works for job interviews.

7. Roses Oil: To rid depression. Gives you an instant happy feeling that lasts. Perfect if you are having a bad day.

8. Witches Cauldron Oil: Use for anything you desire. Put on pictures or written words to manifest.

9. Bringmy love to me oil: Wear to attract the person you love. Worksalso for past love.

10.Get away from me Oil: Use to make an unwanted person go away. Stops badmouthing, rumors and slander.


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