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Magickal Triskelion Moon Amulet Blessings in 3s

Magickal Triskelion Moon Amulet Blessings in 3s
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Magickal Triskelion Moon Amulet


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Today I present to you a new article. The Magickal Triskelion Moon Amulet

We will be offering a small number of these pendants.

They have been triple Spell cast by our Coven. The spells we cast came from an Ancient Celtic book of Shadows which is owned by Master Conjurer Mahindred Shamasee. No other coven has access to these spells.

What is a Triskelion?

 A Triskelion is an Ancient Celtic Symbol often used in ceremonies and imbued with sacred spells. The first known Triskelion symbols appeared carved on rocks before 3,200 BC.

These carvings were associated with magickal powers bestowed upon theperson owning it.

The powerswe have cast on this beautiful sterling Triskelion/Moon Amulet are for your personal strength and progress. Allowing you the motivation andability to move forward rather than remain in stagnated situations or relationships.

Moon Symbol: The moon symbol is incorporated into this spell cast pendant as it awakens your intuition and spiritual wisdom.

The benefits of this amulet are many.

It aligns your energies with the physical realm and the spiritual realm as well as the Sun, Moon and Stars.

It brings forth blessings in 3s. The ancients believed that anything truly important comes in threes.

When one miracle happens in your life you can expect two more to follow in QUICK SUCCESSION!

Your life will transform as you begin wearing this piece.

You will notice sudden changes like stronger connections with loved ones who will appreciate your efforts more than ever before.

Those who do not have your best interest at heart will be rebuked and removed safely from your life.

You will have a greater understanding of the people, spirits and the World around you as all of your senses will be heightened.

You will have more energy

Require less sleep

Require less food

You will be motivated to achieve the things you have put off.

Your ambition will come with new ideas which will lead to more money.

Positive energy draws positive things.

As your luck begins to change, you will see more and more wonderful things coming to pass.






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