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Male Ilmu Khodam Spirit Angelic wish grantor

Male Ilmu Khodam Spirit Angelic wish grantor
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Product Description

The Majestic Ilumu Khodam

Introducing A Majestic Male Khodam with amazing powers! He is one of the oldest and wisest in existence. His powers have grown and magnified, making him one of the most desirable spirits we have offered. He is a gentle entity with the ability to Manifest everything you could ever hope for!
As your bond grows with this entity, your own "natural gifts" will be fully realized. You will see full transformation in all aspects of your life as his powerful energy sweeps away the mistakes of the past and heals all sorrows. You will reach higher than ever before as your intuition grows stronger and more defined with each passing day!
You will soon be swept into the World of the Ilmu Khodam as you relish in Life's most abundant blessings!
Material Riches
Spiritual Awakening
Abundance of all blessings!
You were meant to have everything...This Khodam will make sure your life on Earth is happy, healthy and full of the things that make living worth while!

Khodams exist within the realm of Angelic beings.

The word Ilmu means Wisdom. The Word Khodam means Servant. This means that you will be getting an Entity that KNOWS ALL and CAN DO ALL!

You will become the guardian of the most Powerful and loving entity in the Universe. Imagine what this will do for you!

Khodams are said to be charismatic, have powerful presences, with strong personalities and revealing identities. Many people find that Khodams are the easiest entities to connect and bond with. Wish manifestation is very swift and precise.

What do Khodams look Like? Each one is an individual with different appearances, mannerisms and effects. They are shimmering, beautiful creatures that normally appear in flowing, glistening robes. There are male and female Khodams and each have a unique name. This name will be given only to the Guardian of the Khodam.

All Khodams have general Characteristics such as:

Providing Protection.
Granting Unlimited wishes.
Providing Guidance.
Offering Wisdom.

In addition to these general Characteristics, each Khodam has a set of unique POWERS. These powers will be determined by the Guardian (I don't like the word Master because the Khodam is more like a friend) when they have connected with the Khodam.

Khodams focus on making you a better person and helping you to become all that you were meant to be. A bond with a Khodam is a precious thing, they will shower you with material gifts, the only thing they expect in return is your respect and love.

Complete instructions including the name and summoning instructions will be emailed to you once this item has arrived to you safely. The instructions do not require that you have advanced abilities and are not difficult to do.

Please take a moment to study the pictures on this listing. This pendant shows HIGH levels of energy which is evident in the untouched photos. Khodam items have a GLOW like no other.

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