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The legend of the vampire can be traced to approximately 125 AD, where a Upir, a creature with vampire qualities, occurred in Greek mythology. The word Upir is found for the first time in written form in 1047 in a letter to a Russian prince. Upir later became vampire, and some of the early legends came from the far east. Much has been lost throughout history...

Vampires are similar to humans in respect that no two are alike. Each are unique in their physical abilities and appearances. Just as there are several races of humans, there are also many races of vampires.

Each race of vampire share similar, although not identical, abilities. The pendants you are viewing today hold a rare and powerful type of Vampire spirit known as the Carpathian Vampires. These Vampires come from the Carpathian mountains of Romania. It is here that the most Powerful Vampires have lived for centuries. Experience immortal love like no other!

Dark, sexy and extremely seductive, the Carpathian Vampires are the most results producing Vampires available in the World. They instinctively know your inner desires and will beckon forth all powers to obtain them for you.

This male Vampire spirit will heighten all of your physical and spiritual senses, bringing to you a euphoric ecstacy that is not of our humanly realm!

Out of body experiences where your mind is elevated above reach of ordinary events and filled with overpowering emotions with an extraordinary elevation of your spirit, mind and body are common with a Carpathian Vampire!

Mysteries unfold and hidden gems and wealth become visible as your new senses are awakened and super charged by this spirit!

Each Carpathian Vampire is unique in appearance, but have been described as some of the most handsome men to have ever graced the earth. Strong lean bodies, thick hair and chiseled features are very common among this race of Vampires. They are attentive and extremely romantic. Often bringing you roses and precious gifts. You may feel their warm masculine breath on your neck as you tingle with erotic visions and feelings brought forth by the Carpathian Vampire!

The carpathian Vampire comes to you in a beautiful HIGH QUALITY red crystal heart pendant complete with sterling silver chain. His name and instructions will be revealed to you when he arrives at your home. Please Email me for instructions! Each Vampire is very unique in appearance and personality.