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Marilyn Monroe is the ever famous Glamour girl! 
Men wanted her.....Women wanted what she had!
Marilyn Monroe dripped sexuality, glamour and attraction!
She yielded power over every man she was with. They simply could NOT get enough of her charms!
What was her secret??
Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) was born on June 1, 1926 to single Mother Gladys Baker. There is much contraversy as to who her actual Father was.
Gladys Baker was mentally unstable and unable to care for Norma Jean, so she was placed in foster care. At age 7, she was placed in the care of her Mother's friend Grace McKee. This is where Norma Jean spent 2 of her best childhood years. Grace McKee had secret ties to witchcraft. She was determined to make young Norma Jean a star! She had a powerful Glamour spell cast on Norma Jean...... the rest is history!
Moonstar7spirits is the ONLY seller with access to the highly sought after
Marilyn Monroe Glamour spell!
This spell will make you irresistable to everyone you meet!
You will ooze with Glamour and excitement!
You will have your choice of mates!
You will never want for money or material things!
People will find you intoxicating and powerful!
This amazing Glamour spell will lead to all kinds of wonderful opportunities!
We have triple cast this powerful spell on this super sexy pendant!!
The Marilyn Monroe pendant is gorgeous golden crystal star. It comes with a chain for wearing.

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