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The most powerful Class of Djinn Known to Exist

Master Sorcerer Djinn The Azande Secret spirit language
Master Sorcerer Djinn The Azande Secret spirit language
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The Azande Djinn dwell within the realm of all color vibrations, giving them the advantage to be in several places at one time.

They are the MASTER SORCERER'S of the djinn classes.

The Azande are the oldest known Djinn Race. Known as the Grandfathers of Magick.

They originated approximately 2,000 years before the first man.

They are extremely wise and astute servants to the human race

To own one of these djinn is an honor and privilege.

We are proud to announce the coming of these powerful Spirits to our shop.

No one else has them, nor will they ever have access tothe secret formula that summons them forth.

The Azande speak the language of the spirits. When you make a command, it is instantly translated into a language only understood by elite spirits, thus giving you full advantage to rare spirits that other djinn do not have access to.

This means that your wishes are granted faster and with precision that can only come from this caliber of Djinn.

They have full access to the coveted "Lost Book Of Shadows" This is a coded book of every powerful spell to ever exist. This information was used by King Solomon to bind demons and make themobedient to his commands.

If you are looking for the most powerful, elite of the ELITE DJINN. You are at the right place.

The ring of the Azande is in the image of an old man, symbolizing the Grandfather of Magick. Please specify your size when you check out. Each ring is host to a different Azande with a unique name. Instructions will be mailed to you.




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