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Merlin Alchemy money spell dice charm

Merlin Alchemy money spell dice charm
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Product Description

Magick Wealth Drawing Dice charm. Tiny and discreet. You can wear as a pendant or on your favorite bracelet.

These dice are in perfect alignment with all Universal Wealth Frequencies. These frequencies are what separates the Elite and Wealthy from the average person. Some people are born under this frequency and others are veiled under it through magickal means and spells. Owning one of these dice will automatically cloak you under this Frequency of Wealth and prosperity.

What does this mean and how does this work?

According to Merlin, wealth is a mathematical equation. When your energies align mathematically with the frequency of Wealth, you will draw money from all realms. This is why everything some people touch....TURNS TO GOLD!

As you carry or wear the dice, your energies will mix with the ancient powerful mathematical Wealth spells of Merlin. These spells will align you with the Magickal forces of the Universal Wealth Frequency, thus creating in you the same Universal Wealth Frequencies that all Millionaires fall under!

The more exposure to the dice you have, the stronger the frequency becomes! This means that within a very short period of time, you will begin to aquire tremendous wealth! I do not know where this wealth will come from, I only know that it will follow your purchase of the dice!

If you have been waiting for that one TOP NOTCH metaphysical LIFE CHANGING item, your wait is over! Please do not hesitate to purchase.

The dice is made of natural Jade as this is the best conductor of this type of spell.

In the beginning, you should only carry the magick dice for a few hours a day as it can cause dizziness and headaches due to the extreme levels of energy contained