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Merlin Power of 3 Metaphysical Spell Ring

Merlin Power of 3 Metaphysical Spell Ring
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Product Description

Merlin Power of Three Ring

About this ring: There are 3 omnipresent magickal spiritual Dragon Djinn that were summoned by Merlin from the furthest regions of the Universe. These entities are the only 3 of their type, and have been in existence since the beginning of time. These are the "gatekeepers of the spiritual realm. They bestow Merlin's Knowledge and spells with the keeper of this powerful ring. These spiritual beings hold the keys to ALL information past, present and future! This ring holds Merlin's book of shadows as all of his magickal spells and knowledge were transferred to the magickal stones of this ring which are guarded by the "Gate keepers". The powers of this ring are unmatched by any other metaphsyical item. Your blessings will follow in 3's, every wish granted will be granted in multiples of 3. Merlin knew of the vast power in the number 3 and incorporated it into much of his magick. You will quickly be whisked into the World of Merlin as you are engulfed in his powerful magic. You will experience vivid premonitions, out of body experiences and feel raw magickal power like nothing you have ever seen.

You will be in total command of the 3 Gate Keepers. These are shapeshifting, wish granting entities that will provide you with every thing you desire. They command all other spiritual entities and can use all elements to bring your wishes to full manifestation.

You will have the power of Merlin's spells and magick at your fingertips. Your own magick will take on new meaning as you incorporate the wisdom of the most knowledgeable and powerful sorcerer in history.

The powers you gain as a result having this divine wisdom at your fingertips is PRICELESS!

This ring is mesmerizing and visibly powerful. It is a gorgeous sterling silver ring with 3citrinestones. Size 7.




The powers you will achieve by owning this item are endless!

You will feel the powers immediately. You will know that this item is meant for you when you see it.


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