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Metaphysical magickal monkey paw earrings

Metaphysical magickal monkey paw earrings
Item# metaphysical-magickal-monkey-paw-earrings
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Product Description

Gorgeous sterling silver marcasite earrings that "resemble" a monkey's paw. They glisten in every light. They are unique and will garner you a ton of compliments as well as amazing supernatural gifts!

These beautiful earrings were cast with ancient Monkey paw spells. Moonstar7spirits has been using this spell for many, many years and it always works.

It took us 12 months to create these. We did all the hard work so that you can sit back and reap the rewards! This spell includes several elements. 1. Climb, claw and scratch your way to the top: This spell does not require violence on your part. The title of this element is only a figure of speech, but you get the idea. It will help you to succeed in all areas of your life. 2. Monkey see monkey do: Others will admire you and want what you have. You will literally sparkle with charisma when you wear these earrings. 3. Money in my hot little paws: Money will begin coming to you from mysterious sources. All positive of course. You may get a raise or promotion at work or win a lottery.... who knows?! 4. See all hear all: Your perception will be increased. If you are psychic, expect your gifts to strengthen dramatically. If you are not psychic, expect heightened gifts that you never knew you had to emerge. 5. Hide and seek: You will be protected against those who do not have your best interest at heart while being led to those who can benefit you.