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Money Wealth and Riches Bracelet triple spell cast
Money Wealth and Riches Bracelet triple spell cast
Item# money-wealth-and-riches-bracelet-triple-spell-cast
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Product Description

 Money Magnet Spell Cast Charm Bracelet


A Moonstar7spirits exclusive! The braceletshown is 8inches.


Each charm and bead on this bracelet was triple cast for potency during the correct moon phases!

The beads and charms alone are a 350.00 value not including the Bracelet!

You will get 5Bring money to me(green beads as shown). These were TRIPLE cast with our FAMOUS spell. This draws money from all available sources.

You will Get 5 Protect and build my fortune spell beads(pink beads as shown) We have offered these for many YEARS and we have a hard time keeping them in stock. These beads were triple cast with our coveted spells for Business, career advancement, Securing a high paying position, drawing extra cash, Gambling luck, being at the right place at the right time, protect your fortune and finding hidden and unexpected wealth. Since you are getting 5of these beads all triple cast with these spells, it is super powerful!

You will get 1of our cinderellacharms. These adorable pumpkin coach charms were triple cast with our spells to help you live the enchanted life. You will be swept off your feet into a life of luxury.

You will get 1 Horse shoe charm. This puts an aura of winning around you. Whether you play the lottery, slots or any other game of chance, this charm makes your chances of winning much greater!
You will get a four leaf clover charm which surrounds you with good luck and good favor. Anything you do will go smoother and work to your advantage more than ever before.
You will receive our extremely powerful MONEY charm that amplifies and multiplies money. You will obtain money from unexpected positive sources. Your current wealth will be amplified and multiplied.

You are also getting a recharging bracelet . You can wear the beads on your own bracelets or chains if you desire. You may even want to share some of them with others! You can also add your own choice of spell beads to the bracelet. It will keep them fully charged and working at better than original powers!

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