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Moonstar7spirits ABUNDANCE potion

Moonstar7spirits ABUNDANCE potion
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Greetings and welcome to the bubbling cauldron of Moonstar7spirits!

We take magick seriously and our potions are known Worldwide for their potency and accurate results.

Don't settle for less than the best.

Our potions are a great option for many reasons.

We do all the hard work so you don't have to. We gather all the herbs, essential oils and secret ingredients and create our potions during the perfect moon phases.

Potions come in a 1 dram vial with a dropper. This is enough potion for many, many uses. It only takes a drop to do the trick.


Potions are a powerful and practical way to bring abundance to your life quickly

If you have been down on your luck, lacking money and opportunity, this is for you.

Our potionsare spell imbued, highly energizedand utilize ancient alchemy, and Quantum Physics to bring you quick and lasting results!

Abundance potionwill change your life!

We combine the ancient alchemy formulas of the great sorcerers with modern science and technology to bring you a potion that is unlike any other in the World!


Abundance potion brings money, pay raises, promotions, new opportunities, lottery wins, gambling wins and more!


Add Some Add ons to amp up the Power!

Add onsare:

Personal Alignment: We align the potion to your specific energies to make it work faster and more effectively for you.

Extra Potent spells: We amplify the powers of the potion by 10 times to make it SUPER strong and powerful

Getting both Add onsis the best deal.


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