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Moonstar7spirits Alchemy charged potion 30 different types

Moonstar7spirits Alchemy charged potion 30 different types
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Product Description

I am happy to introduce Alchemy Spell Charged potion®!

The most powerful and practical way to bring spell cast blessings to your life!

Alchemy Spell Charged potion® are spell imbued highly energized potions that utilize ancient alchemy, and Quantum Physics to bring you quick and lasting results! We use only natural ingredients and essential oils.

Alchemy Spell Charged Waters® will change your life!

We combine the ancient alchemy formulas of the great sorcerers with modern science and technology to bring you a spray potion that is unlike any other in the World!

You will receive one large 4 ounce spray bottle of the Alchemy Spell Charged Water of your choice. This is enough to last you for quite some time!

Choose from the list below of Alchemy Spell charged Waters and either send me a message or put your choice in notes to seller in checkout. **There are limited quantities of each water available. Please do not delay your purchase.

1. Indigo Alchemy spell charged water: Repels evil eye and provides spiritual protection. Empowers spell cast charms, tools and talismans. Empowers and repairs aura and removes negativity to bring positive blessings to you quickly.

2. Hundred Grass Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Calms nerves, helps with nervous disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, migraine headaches.

3. Blessed Angels Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Cleansing of home and self. Alter cleansing and blessing, healing of bodily ailments, banishes evil spirits. Aids in close communication with Angelic beings and spirit guides.

4. Egyptian Goddess Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Psychic enhancement, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, channeling spirits, spirit communication, astral travel.

5. Rose of Jericho Alchemy Spell charged Water: Spell reversals and to repel malevolent magic, hexes and curses.

6. All Saints Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Summons and activates the perfect Saint for any situation you may be facing. Can be used for providing protection to self, home, pets.

7. Positive Attraction Alchemy Spell charged Water: Used to attract positive people and positive events into your life. Perfect if you have experienced negative relationships or bad luck.

8. Cleopatra Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to draw people to you. You will radiate with the beauty and attraction of Cleopatra herself!

9. Black Cat Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Repels hexes and curses and attracts positive attention from the opposite sex!! Great to wear out on the town!

10. Confusion Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to confuse an adversary. Great for court cases!

11. Crown of Success Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to bring success to you in all ventures!

12. Influence Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to compel others to do what you want.

13. High John the Conqueror Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to bring luck and success in all areas of your life without mal intent toward others.

14. Lucky Lodestone Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Great for games of chance, lottery, gambling, horses, cards.

15. More Money Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to bring more cash into your hands. Will not cause harm to others in the process.

16. Kyoto Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Reverses Bad luck. Heals karmic mistakes and puts you on the track to success and good luck!

17. Kyphi Alchemy Spell Charged Water: An egyptian spell that is so important that it was carved into the walls of Egyptian Pharoahs. Helps to relax and provide safe restful sleep and good dreams with prophetic meaning that will assist you in life.

18. Van Van Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Very versatile. Draws luck, love and prosperity and repels malevolent magic directed toward you.

19. Spirit Conjurers Alchemy Spell Charged Water: Used to make an instant connection with your spiritual entities. Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, Khodam, Devatas view this as an offering and will reward you with physical manifestations and physical rewards.

20. Emeralds are forever Alchemy Spell Charged Water: For youthful appearance. Diminish wrinkles, brighter complexion, enhanced natural beauty.

21. Gandhi Deep Meditation Alchemy Charged Water: To put you in a deeper state of consciousness and meditation.

22. Stress Calming Alchemy Charged Water: Relaxes and calms you, even in the most stressful situations.

23. Twin Flame soul mate Alchemy Charged Water: Draws your one and only true love to your side for a blissful forever union of pure love!

24. Holy Water: To purify any space, for healing, aches and pains, to cleanse jewelry or crystals , for protection.

25. Open My Path: Knocks down barriers that may be keeping you in a stagnant relationship or job. Helps you to move forward in any task without obstacles.

26. Witches Water- Use to seal your intent on a spell cast item. Makes it very hard to break by others. You can also use to stop others from sending harmful witchcraft your way.

27. Holy Lamp: for safety, health, spiritual growth and economic stability

28. Helping spirits: brings the correct spirits to assist you with any problem.

29. Sound Sleep- for a restful night's sleep to help you completely recharge your mind body and spirit.

30. Spirit Guide- Activates and calls forth your primary spirit guide to assist you in finding answers or help in difficult situations.