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Item# one-genie-wish--your-wish-is-his-command
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Product Description

No wish is too large or too small for the power of my Genie!

He tackles even the most difficult situations!

Many people like the freedom that my ONE WISH offers because they do not have to work hard to see their wishes COME TRUE. It is always a wonderful thing to have your own Genie, but if you find that you want QUICK results without having to spend time bonding with a Genie, then the wish is a great alternative! I have already established a STRONG BOND with my Genie and there is no wish that I have ever asked that he has not granted quickly!

Your Wish will be placed upon a gorgeous Blue European Bead!

Here is how it works:

1. purchase and pay for the wish bead.

2. Send me a message with your wish. Please do not ask me to get my Genie to harm someone. These wishes will be denied. I will not ask the Genie to break up marriages either! 3. I will present your wish to the Genie during a special ritual that will usually be performed within 24 hours of your purchase. During the ritual, I will transfer your special wish to the beautiful Pandora bead!

4. I will mail your beautiful bead to you!

Your wish will be kept completely private. No one except My Genie and I will ever know what you wished for........and we won't tell a soul!

To make it work.....just wear the bead. You can wear the bead on a chain or bracelet of your own, or choose from any of my beautiful spelled pandora items jewelry items that are available in my store. The more you wear it, the quicker your wish will come true!!