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Personal Voodoo Poppet for anything you desire

Personal Voodoo Poppet for anything you desire
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You are considering a powerful ritual and binding of a POPPET

What is a Poppet?

A Poppet is essentially a voodoo doll that I create for you to bring about anything you desire.

I am an expert in Voodoo as well as many other areas of magick

A Poppet can be created for any need. Examples: Weight loss, to gain admiration of a certain person, for love, to break up a relationship, to get a job, to win a court case, to become famous, really anything you can think of, a Poppet can be created for it.

Each poppet is as individual as you are. No two look alike and they are never reused for someone else. If I create a Poppet for you, it will remain with me and I will constantly monitor it andamplify your spells until you get the results you seek or for 1 year. Results usually manifest within a month or two, but complicated situations can take longer.

If your desire does not manifest within one year, it is not meant to be. The Universe is denying your request because it would not serve your cause. In that case, we give thanks and ask for wisdom in the situation.

You will not see your Poppet. Only I see your poppet. This is very important. I want to keep the energies pure.


I will need your name/date of birth the name and date of birth as well as the situation you want a Poppet for. Limit one situation per Poppet. If you have more than one thing you want a Poppet for, you will have to purchase more than one.

Spell cast is an art form that I have been practicing for many years. There are few people who are capable of this level of magick. You will be pleased with the results!


If you are tired of wasting your money on spells that are less than effective, it is time to try something different!

Most castors approach spells in much the same way, by imbuing an article of jewelry with a specific intent. This item is then worn by the person wanting to benefit from the spell. I am not saying that this is wrong. In fact, this is the way that my Grandmother and her Mother also cast spells. This is the way in which I too began my journey. But as I was learning these techniques, I always felt that there was something missing.


I was gifted with the ability to sense, see and manipulate energy. I can reach within a certain object or person and touch and move energy about. When this is combined with a specific intent spell cast, the results are nothing short of miraculous! I have been perfecting this skill for most of my life. The demand for my spells is great and I only offer a few at a time as they are very physically draining for me. You will not see endless offerings of my spells, so I urge you to purchase quickly and reserve your place.


It is my promise to stay in touch with you through out the spell cast process so you are not left wondering what is going on.


What You Can Do To ensure 100% results: Maintain positive thoughts and attitude. Belief and faith that your request will come to fruition, envisioning what you want - not what you don't want - will help your spell flow better and stay powerful. Please do not email me every few days to ask how your spell is going. This shows lack of faith and will only slow your results. Allow the spell to work without thinking about it constantly. You will see much better results!

Paypal only please. Payment due immediately. I will need your name and date of birth for spell cast.

You will not receive any item by mail. This is a direct energy spell cast.

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