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Planetary Power Ring Harness Universal Magick

Planetary Power Ring Harness Universal Magick
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Don't miss your chance to own this life changing treasure!
It is with honor that I present to you an item of distinct separation from any other Metaphysical item. It's vast scope of magnificance is unmeasurable.
With the force of planetary spells of unmatched potency, it is simply The Most Powerful Form of magick Ever brought to Mankind For The Attainment Of anything Desired On Earth.


This ring is so powerful you will immediately notice the changes the moment you open the package. This amazing treasure exudes an immediate aura of well being and peace. Well being and peace are essential elements in attracting all other great powers to your life. This ring draws powers from all planetary forces. These powers are concentrated and magnified and passed from the pendant to the wearer.
Simply wearing this ring makes every task you undertake A COMPLETE SUCCESS! You simply cannot fail with the force of these spells of the planetary forces affecting your life. You will live a wonderful carefree life. Past turbulence will dissolve and clear the way for your optimistic future that will quickly follow the purchase of one of these pendants
combined Strength cumulative powers of The Planets are harnessed and incorporated for the spiritual attainment of all things desired.
With This ring You Will Enjoy The Benefits Of Astonishing And Immediate lasting Effects.
The exclusive spell process is highly secretive and available no where else in the World. It takes approximately 4 years to complete the Planetary spells that these rings hold.
Moonstar7spirits holds the rights to the only PLANETARY SPELL RINGS in existence. Please know that others that emerge after this sale are copies of the authentic articles.
This ring will bring a MULTITUDE OF benefits to your life.
Employment, Promotions, Tests, Competitions, Relationships, Business, Success, Financial Gains, Social Attraction, Domestic Affairs, Winning Of Games such as lotteries, sweepstakes and gambling, Protection from Black Magick, curses and dark spiriits, Increase of mental and psychic Intelligence, Success In court appearances, Admiration of all people near and faras well as endless other blessings that will follow.
The ring offered is of mezmerizing beauty! It is made of polished sterling silver and has a unique and powerful design. All sizes available. Please specify your size when you check out.


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