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Positive Attraction Earrings

Positive Attraction Earrings
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Product Description

Wearing these Gorgeous earrings will ACTIVATE the LAWS OF ATTRACTION and MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DESIRES! As you wear these lovely earrings you will quickly realize the power that they they hold! These earrings were triple cast with my most powerful spells of Attraction and Manifestion!

These earrings act as a messenger of your most coveted desires!

As you wear them, they will send your thoughts to the cosmos where they will activate the laws attraction and manifestation. They magnify and multiply your wishes by thousands of times so that you see your thoughts become reality! Please pay attention to the positive events that occur when wearing these earrings. Don't dismiss or rationalize them as being a coincidence. The more you realize that your life is changing as a result of these powerful earrings.....the stronger they become! You will begin to see positive events occur with greater frequency and larger scale the more you wear the earrings. These earrings have been cast to block negative thoughts, so they will not work to harm others or be used for revenge purposes. Each person will have their own unique experiences as the magick of these earrings mix with your energies. There are unlimited possibilities for the Universe to create more success, wealth, happiness and abundance in your life. Just be open to the possibilities and allow yourself to enjoy the benefits. Magick cannot be forced to work, nor does it work according to a specific time table. Those who relax and allow the earrings to work without constant monitoring, are the ones who will benefit the most.

The earrings are of excellent quality. Sterling silver posts with dazzling purple amethyst stones. These are brand new sterile spell cast earrings!