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Powerful 7 Archangels Praying Hands Pendant of Divine Intervention

Powerful 7 Archangels Praying Hands Pendant of Divine Intervention
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Are you in need of Divine Intervention?

You are not here by accident.

The Archangels have heard your voice and are here to help.

When you wear this pendant, the 7 Archangels are with you.


Pendant: Beautiful praying hands with rhinestones.

This beautifulpendant is host to ALL 7 ARCHANGELS!!!!


Uriel is the Archangel of powerful action. Uriel helps you to take appropriate action in areas of your life that you have been neglectful. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. He is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world. He will share these secrets with you!
Michael "He who is like God" A very powerful spiritual warrior who will come to your rescue in times of stress and trouble.
Gabriel Brings about tremendous blessings and good fortune in all areas of your life. This means in the areas of finance or in health.
Raphael the Archangel of Divine healing. He is the one to call on for illnesses or fatigue. Heals old ailments and prevents you from future problems.
Raguel the Archangel of Justice. Comes to your aid to secure favorable outcomes in difficult situations. Great for court settlements.
Haniel The Archangel of love, passion and career. Haniel helps with self esteem and sets you on the right track for perfect relationships and career moves.
Jophiel The Archangel of Wisdom. Helps you retain information and recall information you have learned.


There is an URGENT need for these ANGELS in someone's life RIGHT NOW!! They will provide comfort to you in times of need and will protect you from harm. They will also provide divine guidance in your life and help you to make the best choices.

If you are feeling that you are the person in need of Angelic intervention, then this item is for you!!

A high spiritual being appointed by God, Ultimate Source, All that Is to guide , protect and help us.

These Angels will be there when you need them most!

You do not have to have advanced skills in order to benefit from this pendant.

Simply mediate your problem while holding it and a host of Angels will immediately surround you and remove your worries and cares. They will provide immediate guidance and comfort you.

This item was provided to me by Master Genie conjurer Mahindred Shamasee. He is the only conjurer that is capable of reaching Angelic entities. You will immediately feel their divine presence upon taking this bracelet from the package!!

This item is limited. If you are drawn to the presence of this Angelic item,please don't hesitate to purchase!

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